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Two Cylinder Diesel Engine (Water Cooling System)

Features Type: Vertical, Double Cylinder, Water Cooled, Totally Enclosed, Compression ignition, Four Stroke Cycle, Cold Start, Diesel Engine.

Lubrication: Engine moving parts are lubricated partly by Force Feed and partly splash lubrication. A throwaway type, Paper Element by-pass filter is provided for filtering the lubricating oil. Lub. oil is supplied under constant pressure by Gear Type Lub. oil pump.

Fuel System
: Fuel is supplied to the Fuel Pump by Gravity Feed through a ceramic filter provided in fuel tank and efficient replaceable paper element type main filter.

Combustion: Open Type Combustion Chamber in the Aluminium alloy piston.

: Bush Bearings used as main bearing with thin wall bearing or Copper Lead/Tin Base babit. Small End Bush and Rocker Bush are of Gun Metal.

Rotation: Standard Rotation is clockwise facing the fly wheel.

: Standard power take off is from the flywheel side. Power take off from Gear end and at half engine speed can be provided on demand.

: A sensible Centrifugal Type Governor is mounted on cam shaft gear. Speed variation is controlled within limits to comply with class B1 Governing as per IS: 10001 and IS: 11170. Class A2 Governing is provided on demand for Generating Sets.

Standard Equipments: Starting Handle, Exhaust Silencer, Air Cleaner and Set of Tools. As continuous improvements are contemplated, the illustration and description are not binding.


S.No. Description   Water Cooled
1. Model BWG-15 BWG-18 BWG-20 BWG-24
2. No. of Cylinder Two Two Two Two
3. Bore in mm 87.5 95 102 114
4. Stroke in mm 110 110 110 116
5. Cubic Capacity in Litres 1.32 1.56 1.79 1.79
6. Rated Speed (RPM) 1500 1500 1500 1500
7. Rated Output (kW) 11 13.2 14.7 17.6
  BHP 15 18 20 24
8. Special Fuel Consumption 250 g/kWh 250 g/kWh 250 g/kWh 250 g/kWh
9. Lub. Oil Consumption (cc/Hr.) 46 50 60 75
 10. Engine Bare weight (kg) 240 250 260 280
11. Packing case size (mm) 889x711x914 889x711x914 889x711x914 889x711x914
12. Packing case volume (m3) 0.577 0.577 0.577 0.577